Romanian Concert in Calgary

For TICKETS please contact:

Maria Serban 403-667-7674 (text message)

Iustin Baitoiu 403-988-4964

Dana Grigore 403-969-6529

Ofelia Rain 403-470-1761

Nicoleta Kallo 403-837-8370

Luciana Constantinescu 403-399-6281

IOAN Gyuri Pascu & The Blue Workers

WHEN: November 13, 2015

WHERE: Engineered Air Theatre 


$35 (RCCAC Member)

$45 (Non-Member)

$50 (VIP)

Combo-ticket (Concert+European Film Fest): contact the ticket distributors below for info.

SHOW STARTS AT 8PM (doors open at 7:15PM).

Minimum age: 12.